Manufacturing and Product Development

Product development in Eccua is teamwork. Input of each product development is either a need to adjust products according to new circumstanses (incl. entering new markets) or desire to find possibilities to reduce recourses, put into product manufacturing. In the process of setting the tasks for product development, there are always participating sales manager, responsible for corresponding market, product development engineer, technologist and also member of management team.

Our product development consists of following stages:

  • Setting the tasks;
  • Gathering additional information;
  • Preparation of sketches;
  • If necessary, consulting with engineering bureau or research institution;
  • Evaluation of the needs for resources;
  • Concluding the strength calculations;
  • Manufacturing of the test products;
  • Elimination of upcoming mistakes in final stage of development;
  • Final approval of product development.

In every stage there are held several product development meetings until all participants recognize that process is ready to move into next stage. Acting like this, we can grant best possible and resource-saving end result. Our latest bigger product development projecs were development of small pumping stations and oil- and fuel separators.