Production and Technologies

We use 2000 m2 of contemporary and high-quality production space. Furthermore, we have a 1000 m2 cold storage. Approximately 25 production workers are employed in Eccua, some of whom have been working with us already for more than 20 years, while length of service of most employees exceeds 10 years. We offer excellent working conditions to our employees, from superb working environment and non-work rooms to salary.

As our operation is closely related to environmental technologies, our objective is also to minimise our own ecological footprint. Therefore we do not emit pollution from our production and recycle all heat energy generated during the production processes.

Glass plastic department of Eccua is one of the most contemporary facilities in our area of operation. Our winding machine enables to add tank ends to the cylinders immediately during the winding process, in order to prevent errors accompanying manual work. Furthermore, our winding system is fully automatic and does not require the intervention of an operator to ensure completion of a technologically correct product. The rooms are thermally insulated, heated and ventilated so that temperature fluctuation does not exceed ±1 0C, in order to ensure curing of resins with maximum result. Interaction of all these factors ensures an excellent working environment, where people can work comfortably and provide maximum contribution to the completion of high-quality production.

We use the following production technologies:

  • Glass plastic winding;
  • Glass plastic spraying;
  • Rotation casting technology;
  • Extrusion welding of PE plastic;
  • Butt welding of PE plastic on pipes and plates;
  • Metal operations – welding (TIG, MIG), turning, milling, drilling, sanding.