Glass plastic cylinder pumping stations

Eccua has gained the experience in producing pumping stations since 1994, afer which we have manufactured more than 5000 different pumping stations – with casings made with rotation casting method, with casings made of spirally wound PE pipes, and with casings made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

GRP as a material and technology has properties, which make pumping stations made with this method especially durable in various conditions:

  • Very high ring rigidity, enabling to install the pumping station to the depth of at least up to 10m
  • Convex bottom made with glass plastic spraying, which will not deform also under the influence of the pressure of soil water
  • High fire integrity, providing resistance against failures of power systems
  • High chemical inertness, enabling to use GRP casing even in aggressive environment.

Pumping stations are equipped with lifting eyes and service well. If necessary, we can install polyurethane insulation layer in the upper part of the pumping station.

For manhole of the pumping station, you can choose light plastic hatch, lockable aluminium hatch or cast iron hatch for installing on roads.

The specialists of ECCUA choose suitable rainwater or wastewater pump from the product range of Flygt.


Case Ø: – 1000……2500mm

Height of pumping station H – 1000…9000

Pressure pipeline Ø: – Based on the size of quick coupling of the pump