Grease traps

Grease traps are used on the discharge of wastewater of restaurants and other catering facilities, food industry and other industrial companies into sewer system. Animal and plant fats and oils collect in upper wastewater layers, and treated water of the lower part is recycled. ECCUA grease trap meets the EU standard EVS-EN1825-1:2004.

Separated grease and oil is collected in upper layers of the liquid contained in the tank, where it is separated from water and discharged further in the lower part of the tank. This ensures fat content less than 25 mg/l in wastewater, as required by the EU standard EVS-EN1825-1:2004.

We offer our grease traps in three standard groups of installation depth – 1.3m, 1.8m and 2.5m. In case of deeper installation, we make separate calculations and offer the case of grease trap, precisely suitable for relevant conditions.

Eccua grease trap can be combined with sand-mud trap, which separates heavier particles from contaminated water.

Inspection well with closure system can be installed after the separator for sampling.

Traps can be equipped with alarm equipment sending early notification of the need for maintenance.

Size of the trap is calculated and chosen, based on the flow rate of wastewater (l/sec). To ensure separation of grease particles, sufficient delay time of contaminated water and deceleration of flow will be necessary.