Receiving stations

From the receiving stations, the wastewater collected from wastewater tanks with tracks is discharged into public sewer system. Receiving stations enable to adjust the collected quantities of wastewater entering public sewer system, because they have several times higher collection capacity, compared to regular sewer pumping stations.

The highest capacity of our manufactured receiving station is 75m3.

Casings of a receiving station are made of glass plastic (with winding method) or PE pipe.

Eccua manufactures receiving stations with one or two pumps. Pumps are usually selected from the product range of Xylem, which we represent. If necessary, we can install a mixer in the receiving station, which ensures constant float (i.e. not settling on the bottom) of solid particles.

We equip the receiving stations with automatic control system of pumps, adapted to the needs of the customer. If necessary, we also install an inductive flowmeter on the outlet pipe.